coconut macaroon

chewy on the inside, crisp on the outside and dipped in creamy chocolate 2.50


a traditional custard-filled eclair topped with dark and white chocolate 3.50

flourless chocolate torte

a rich and fudge-like chocolate cake covered with ganache and topped with a white chocolate drizzle 4.00

carrot cake slice

moist carrot cake layered with a traditional cream cheese frosting 4.00

chocolate cake slice 4.00

strawberry shortcake 4.00 

tiramisu 4.00

fruit tart 4.00

brownies 3.00


chocolate 3.00

vanilla 3.00


Farmhouse Truffles Candy

Maple truffles, vanilla bean truffles, and salted caramel squares. (Hinesburg Location Only)

Farmhouse Ice Cream

Ice Cream is back for the Summer!

We are now serving select flavors of locally sourced and owned Farmhouse Ice Cream. (Hinesburg Location Only)