all of our coffee is locally roasted by Mocha Joe’s Coffee Roasters (Brattleboro, VT) and Awake Coffee (Bristol, VT)

Drip Coffee

small 1.75, large 1.95


single shot 1.75, double shot 2.50

Cafe Americano

one or two shots of espresso with six ounces of hot water. single 1.75, double 2.75


equal parts of espresso, milk, and foam. single 3, double 3.75


espresso and steamed milk. single 3.50, double 4.25


espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk. single 3.75, double 4.50

White Mocha

espresso, white chocolate, and steamed milk. single 3.75, double 4.50

Chai Latte

Organic freshly steeped chai tea with steamed milk. single 2.75, double 3


Steamed milk with your choice of flavoring. Small 3, Large 3.50

Hot Chocolate

Lake champlain hot chocolate powder steamed with the milk of your choice. Topped with Cabot whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. small 3, large 3.75


all of our tea is organic & fair trade, available in 12 varieties of black, green and herbal
small 1.75, large 1.95